Medicaid/Medicare Programs (StarDent)

StarDent was launched in response to numerous requests from local and national MCO’s for FCL to partner in an endeavor to improve oral health status for low-income families. In answering this call, FCL began designing and providing innovative, value added, dental benefits for public sector members.

All customer and administrative services are performed at the corporate headquarters in Houston,Texas. Involvement at the corporate level allows us to more closely track client satisfaction.

StarDent distinguishes itself from the competition through various features: plan flexibility, plan customization, plan enhancement and plan adjustment. As regulations change from state-to-state, StarDent's plans are customizable to fit each instance. Offering public sector patients a valuable dental benefit with broad access to professional care is what we do best.

StarDent's dental benefit design is flexible, efficient, and allows complex plan arrangements. Benefits are based on statements that define dental services covered under the agreement. We can meet, or exceed, your standard benefits and enhance adult benefits with value added options.

StarDent believes the keys to success are based on:

  • The development of an extensive provider network.
  • Development of a "mobile dentistry" program that services patients unable to travel to the doctor's office.
  • The evolution of unique payment methodologies.
  • Minimal Member Responsibilities.
  • No claims paperwork for the client. All paperwork is handled between the dentist's office and StarDent.

Regardless of your needs, StarDent offers it all: flexible plans, mobile dentistry, a well-developed provider network, expert claims processing, and customer service that's pleasant, quick, and efficient.

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