FCL's Group Dental Plans are affordable to help with your company's bottom line while providing significant dental benefits for your employees and/or their families. With many companies having to do more with less and employees working longer hours to ensure the work is completed, workplace stress levels are on the rise.

Having solid benefits is one way to lower stress and retain key employees. FCL's dental plans can help by enhancing your employee benefit package and in turn relieve employees' concern of large dental bills that can mount into financial hardships. Having dental coverage provides peace-of-mind to your employees and as you've inevitably experienced, employees with lower stress levels are much more productive and effective at their jobs thus saving your company substantial money.

With our flexible plan designs, your employees' fears and stress are reduced knowing their dental needs are covered and their financial risk is minimized. Of equal importance to your company, our dental plans are easy on your finances - creating a win-win for all parties! Our dental plans will help your company remain an employer-of-choice so you can attract and retain the top talent in your field, thus enabling your company to be competitive in the marketplace.

FCL Dental offers a wide variety of options to meet your companies’ dental needs that we believe is superior in today's marketplace with benefits and value that are extremely appealing and competitive. Appealing because we invested a lot of time and money listening to the needs and desires of Texas employers and individuals like you then used this insight to develop very attractive dental solutions. We're available to discuss our group dental plans with you in more detail, please call us at 1-877-493-6282.

As a broad overview, FCL Dental Plans offer:

  • Flexibility to fit within your company's budget as well as your employees. Our plans can be:
    • Employer funded
    • Funded collaboratively with variable employer & employee contributions
    • Voluntary
  • Comprehensive dental plans to ensure the right coverage is available for everyone's individual needs:
    • 2-Tier
    • 3-Tier
    • 4-Tier
  • Great Benefits
    • DHMO Plans
    • PPO Plans
    • MAC Plans
    • And more…

Thank you for your interest in online access with FCL Dental! Our goal is to continuously offer above and beyond service to all our clients. The directions below are for Employers / Groups to gain access to their information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

 Once inside the Employer / Group admin will be able to:


  • View your bill history and invoices
  • Make add / changes in real time
  • Request an ID Card for your members
  • …and more! 

By following the steps below you will be able to access our iTransact portal and request ID’s.

 -Go To: http://www.fcldental.com

 -Click on the red button and you will be then directed to our secure iTransact website http://myportal.fcldental.com/iTransactnet. Once the screen below populates, please, choose “click here to create a new user” button and input requested information.



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