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This is a directory of facilities and providers selected to participate with FCL Dental’s networks. As with any directory, changes may occur and FCL Dental is not responsible for inadvertent errors or omissions. This directory is provided to allow FCL Dental clients to determine which dental care providers are participating in the FCL Dental’s and affiliated companies’ networks.

FCL Dental does not and will not partake in any matters concerning the private and sensitive nature of the patient-provider relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, all matters concerning dental decisions, treatments, and the selection of a dental care provider. Therefore, the final decision as to which dental care provider to use and which procedures/treatments are performed lies with, and is the responsibility of, the insured/patient. In making this decision the insured/patient must understand that: (1) selection of an out-of-network provider could reduce entitlement to benefits listed in your dental plan; while (2) selection of an in-network provider does not guarantee that all services recommended or provided by an in-network provider will be covered under your health plan. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain verification of covered benefits from your plan provider prior to the rendering of dental care services

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this directory. However, because network dental care providers occasionally change, we strongly recommend that you confirm whether a dental care provider is currently participating with your dental plan program prior to receiving services from that dental care provider, by calling FCL Dental at 1-877-493-6282

If you would like to report any inaccuracies in our directories, you may contact FCL Dental Provider Relations Department via:

Email address: 
Toll Free Number: 1-877-493-6282 

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